Multi-OH-BIS, Mulit-Group Placing, Multi-BIF GCHB DC Bazinga Caspian the Crown Prince, CGC, MC, LCX2, LCM2, VC, BCAT

My Human Mom wanted to add a new Pharaoh to the Phamily.  So, she set out on a quest to find a great match for her Cayman (GChB DC Mia's Bakhu Risky Business of Hallam, RN, MC, CA, CGC, LCX3, LCM2, HIC, VCX) - that's my Dog Dad!  At home we call him my Big Brother.

Anyway, after much searching, she reached out to Simon Tien Hansen, owner of Bazinga Kennels in Norway.  Simon is an accomplished Pharaoh Hound breeder, making his mark on the breed in Europe and the USA.  Simon poured over Cayman's pedigree and suggested Penny, Bazinga A Game of Thrones.

Penny, who lives with Kristen in Norway, is an accomplished girl!  Her lovely temperament, clean movement, prey drive (for the plastic lure), and solid construction, was an ideal match for Cayman.

A few months later, my Human Mom got the fateful call - it was time to bring Cayman to Norway.  That's another tale.

After one false start, and two trips to Norway, I was on my way!

I hope you enjoy life from my perspective.  It's all FUN!  All the time!

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